Print Design

While much of our print work over the last 40 years has been high quality color art and photography books, we bring our passion for user-friendly design to these rich and beautiful books. When you have all the best reproduction resources at your fingertips, the design needs to live up to the expectations. We bring the same high standards to all of our print work, whether the final product is a lush coffee table book, a complex textbook, a periodic magazine, or other advertising materials.

Litchfield: America’s First Law School

A pocket-sized guidebook that shows off the documents and artifacts in the archives of the Litchfield Historical Society’s collection of materials related to America’s first law school and one of it’s oldest schools for women.

CommerceUVA, the McIntire Alumni Magazine

The McIntire School of Commerce’s biannual alumni magazine, highlighting both the work being done at the school and by it’s various professors and alumni in other areas.

Visual Anatomy & Physiology

This innovative new approach to learning anatomy and physiology turns the typical textbook “inside out” by placing the illustrations at the center of every page and orienting the corresponding text around them.

Declaring Independence

A highly-detailed exploration of the collection of historic documents relating to the Declaration of Independence found in the University of Virginia Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library.

Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

A highly illustrated coffee table book that explores both the history Monticello as an estate and it’s current life as a museum with rich photography, detailed writings, and beautiful watercolor maps of the buildings and grounds.