GDA originally designed BACWORTH, a comprehensive online repository of scientific and technical information in the area of chemical and biological warfare for Battelle Memorial Institute in 2005. It provides rapid, precise retrieval from thousands of full-text technical reports, scientific articles and other information, enhanced topic browsing, an updated CBW Encyclopedia and glossary. The highly usable BACWORTH2 collection is an essential resource for anyone engaged in CBW research and analysis.

In 2018, Battelle came back with a request to redesign the BACWORTH identity, and incorporate two other tools, CB-SMART, a parallel system that incorporates meta-analytics of chemical and biological statistical studies, and CBRIS, a third system that tracks research in the fields of chemical, biological, and radiological weapons. The overall goal was to provide user interface improvements for all three tools as well incorporating them visually with each other so that users would have a cohesive experience moving from one to the other. We designed a suite of coordinating application identities that uses art with clean, modern lines to highlight the cutting edge nature of these tools.