Declaring Independence, Interactive Exhibit

A few years after the Declaring Independence book was published, the UVA Special Collections Library returned to GDA to request that we design an interactive exhibit that would allow visitors to explore the documents and materials of the collection on a large 2 foot by 3 foot touchscreen table. We brought our years of user interface experience to the project, creating an experience that was both informative and fun.

The product adapts the material presented in the Declaring Independence book for users to explore via the table, including a timeline of events leading up to the signing of the Declaration, a library of related documents which allow users to zoom in and see the details that the book was unable to highlight, and an interactive map of signers that includes portraits of each signer, and shows both where signers came from on a map and where they signed the document. The exhibit also provides users access to a high quality video that the Library had produced to be shown in the exhibit.

Download a look at the Declaring Independence interactive exhibit (PDF, 1.7MB)