Website Design

Good website design requires a whole suite of skills. Design fundamentals, of course—the site needs to look appealing and be appropriate to the subject, just like any project. But it also requires an understanding of information architecture, ever changing technology and design trends, and a significant eye towards user experience design as well. The way that users engage with content on the web is often brief and fleeting, and they are far more likely to “bounce off” of a site that doesn’t present and easy and intuitive path to the content they are looking for, both on individual pages and on a site overall. The vast majority of websites being made today are built on content management systems built to allow non-developers to update content and maintain their websites on an ongoing basis. Being able to prepare a design and build the appropriate templates and themes that will continue to work elegantly and seamlessly as end users add further content is a unique challenge that we thoroughly embrace.

Signature Science Website

A sleek and modern website that showcases the depth and breadth of scientific expertise that Signature Science leverages to solve problems for a wide array of clientele.

Mind and Life Website

This deeply interconnected website tackles the challenge of telling the incredibly complex story of what The Mind and Life Institute does in a way that is easily accessible to the layperson.

Charlottesville City Schools Website and Redesign

A suite of related designs that allow each school within the Charlottesville City Schools system to retain a unique identity while still feeling like part of the broader whole.

MindTrails Website

An introductory website for the online training program, MindTrails, that is designed to help users learn to cope with anxiety.

Full Genomes Website

This website for a genome sequencing company incorporates both informational and e-commerce elements.

ZippyMeals Website

A simple four page website for a startup company developing modern tools for Meals on Wheels branches to improve their organization and efficiency.

Litchfield Historical Society Website and Redesign

Two different approaches to presenting the Litchfield Historical Society and their museums on the web, one that leans into the lush visuals of the documents and artifacts, and a second that brings a more modern look and feel to the project.

PACEM Website

A simple site for a local nonprofit that coordinates services for unhoused community members, providing easy access to key information needed by their different audiences.

T&N Printing Website

This simple-yet-highly-functional website highlights the capabilities of one of Charlottesville’s oldest local printers while also providing an easy way for clients to submit files.

Sojourners UCC Website

This simple WordPress website empowers the staff at this local church to make necessary updates to the text and photography while still keeping the site framed within its elegant design.