Mind and Life Website

The Mind and Life Institute had a fairly common challenge: how do you explain the work of a complex and wide ranging institution in a way that’s easily digestible by people who don’t already know what it does? As one of the foremost groups in the field of contemplative research and mindfulness studies, their work reaches broadly across the branch of scientific research central to their mission. This includes a wide array of actual functions such as providing funding, guiding projects, hosting presentations and discussions, and sharing and promoting the results of the studies being done.

Their website needed to be able to display all of this in a way that conveyed the depth of the work being done, while still being accessible to the layperson. GDA teamed up with Stillpoint Design Studio┬áto design a website that focuses on the interconnectivity of the Institute’s work. The design provides users quick access to high level topics while still allowing for a deeper dive into a more in-depth exploration of the Institute’s works should users desire.

A series of custom pages for events, grants, people, and writings all link together with each other in a complex, but easily explorable web of information that encompasses the full breadth of what the Institute does.